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Volume 7, NO.2 ( APRIL 2010 )

Matrix Geometric Analysis of Throughput Processes of Queues with Applications to A Pull Serial Line
Author:  Hsing Luh
Page: p.01 ~ p.18
Download: Full text available (903KB)

A Review of Optimal Computing Budget Allocation Algorithms for Simulation Optimization Problem

Author: L.H Lee, C.H Chen, E.P Chew, J Li, N.A Pujowidianto,S Zhang
Page: p.19 ~ p.31
Download: Full text available (515KB)

Discussions on the Determinants of R&D Value Based upon Real Options

Author: Lan, Yu Wen , and Chang, Li
Page: p.32 ~ p.44
Download: Full text available (657KB)

A Search Algorithm for Solving the Joint Replenishment Problem in a Distribution Center with Warehouse-space Restrictions

Author: Ming-Jong Yao
Page: p.45 ~ p.60
Download: Full text available (599KB)

An Order Level Inventory Model with Three-Component Demand Rate (TCDR) For A Newly Launched Deteriorating Item

Author: Diwakar Shukla, Uttam Kumar Khedlekar
Page: p.61 ~ p.70
Download: Full text available (561KB)


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