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Volume 7, NO.3 ( JULY 2010 )

SPECIAL ISSUE:  Applications of Reliability Models
Author: Yi-Kuei Lin, Hoang Pham, and Ruey-Huei Yeh
Page: p.01 ~ p.03
Download: Full text available (171KB)

Optimum Profit Model for Determining Purchaser’s Order Quantity and Producer’s Order Quantity and Producer’s Process Mean and Warranty Period

Author: Chung-Ho Chen
Page: p.04 ~ p.14
Download: Full text available (495KB)

Optimal Staffing for a SOA Company

Author: Shin-Guang Chen
Page: p.15 ~ p.22
Download: Full text available (303KB)

Monotone Properties of Optimal Maintenance Policy for Two-State Partially Observable Markov Decision Process Model with Multiple Observations

Author: Nobuyuki Tamura, Ken-ichi Hayashi, Tetsushi Yuge, Shigeru Yanagi
Page: p.23 ~ p.34
Download: Full text available (488KB)

Integrating AHP and DELPHI Methods to Construct A Green Product Assessment Hierarchy for Early Stages of Product Design and Development

Author: Chun-Ming Yang, Thu-Hua Liu, Ching-Han Kao, and Hsing-Tzu Wang
Page: p.35 ~ p.43
Download: Full text available (306KB)


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